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Our vision is to inspire businesses to put employee wellbeing at the heart of everything they do. Our mission is to use employee wellbeing as a tool to champion positive change in the modern workplace.

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We are specialists in both economics and information technologies and we apply our full range of talent to creating the perfect solution for each client’s needs.

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Concealing in terms of codes and softwares has often proved to be beneficial!
Encapsulating data indisputably supports maintenance, as code modification can be made autonomously without disturbing or even touching other classes.

Commonly, by carrying out special functions only a constrained set of operations can be executed on the concealed members of the class. Both object -oriented and component-based development are bound to possess a set of components representing constant entities existing in a mutual database. The role of the object turns out to be much clearer to other objects, if the data is kept private and provided with well-defined service methods. In respect to software development, well defined public services allow developers to quickly comprehend & identify the existing codes and further reprocess them in other applications.

Furthermore, data encapsulation provides several benefits such as promoting maintenance, increased usability and independent change accessibility.



In need of a smarter frame work, yielding better results and saving on time and money ?
UML covers the complete multifaceted cycle of complex data analysis starting from gathering & cleansing of data to financial modeling and its execution.

Data Analysis allows businesses to acquire their processed data and actionable insights along with evading investments on the expansion and management of analytical solutions. We will prove to be the most reliable partners for both small & medium and large corporations, as far as gaining swift, recurrent and flexible analytical insights of data is concerned. Our focus is to update our customers about every frequent change in the fact and figures to lessen the risk and promote profits.

With a affluent multi-domain industry experience we offer a wide range of services, which include Data Cleaning, Data Quality Audit, Analysis of Missing Observations, Analysis of Extreme Observations and Analysis of Homogeneity. If looking for ways to improve your data handling and outsourcing, UML can assist you to conquer any data analysis challenges.


Ineffective marketing strategy might lead to chaos!
Strategy before tactics” is the key to an efficient market strategy plan. It is certainly significant to deliver valuable intangibles and experiences to a customer which imprints an image or memory of the brand/product in their minds forever.

Though marketing strategy is vital, yet it is often overlooked and underestimated. We focus on Creating the idea, discovering the best Client, USP (unique selling point) of the product and most importantly building brand identity. Our aim is to make you findable online, along with communicating the brand’s USP as it drives the focus of consumers since- they solely control the buying process. Later, we strategize, build a strong base and create a framework to attract and serve the ideal customers for specific brand/product as the expansion of any business does not happen overnight or by chance.



A loyal consumer base is undoubtedly the result of an enhanced consumer experience.
UML assists in creating a systematic plan to manage customer relations and strives to strike a precise stability between creating value for the consumer as well as value for the business/company.

We evaluate the overall customer landscape and help in concluding the appropriate consumer sector to focus on. Our customer strategy services include customer growth strategy, customer segmentation, experience strategy and design, customer approach and analytics and value improvement schemes.

A successful and a well-defined customer strategy must determine the suitable customer experience to be created as per the product/services and the potential needed by the companies to deliver that. UML aims to establish a thriving customer strategy which is absolutely relevant for the product as well as coordinates several functions, skills, and practices, therefore, proving fruitful for both, consumers and sellers.


Delivering more, better, quicker, safer and reliable is today’s mantra of success!
UML strive to meet customer expectations while fulfilling all the mentioned components of success. We help in developing strategic business plans, expediting execution, assisting in transform management as well as delivering improved business efficiency.

Change management for aiding business performance requires suitable positioning of numerous recourses, i.e., people, policy and process. We intensely collaborate with our clients and apply our experience into the change management initiatives, resulting in increased productivity and performance within their organizations.


We provide Strategic and business planning , monitoring managerial performance, Institutional structures and governance, Audit and compliance, Process review and improvement  and may more services which focus on business expansion and improvement.

Our focal point is to understand the requirements and the expectations of our customer, developing a feasible plan and later assisting them in structuring the steps for implementation, to achieve their specific goals.



Today’s consumer centric market requires  speedy digital transitions every now and then.
The rapidly changing end-user preferences in this digital new-age era have radically accelerated the speed of transformation in any business. We generate meaningful and impactful insights for business, by applying our assorted bundle of tools, accelerators and experience.

We assist in providing answers to all sorts for business transformation queries. Our modified digital solutions and insight-driven navigation backed by our program management helps in creating sustainable transformations while generating opportunities. As per the problem, we design processes  and digital solutions to bring in more efficiency and effectiveness along with outstanding human experiences.

UML helps you to reorganize, rethink, redesign, and move ahead with essential changes to your business with reducing expenses and maximizing value. Following a comprehensive approach and consider the issues, processes, products and customers. We strive to enhance your efficiency and productivity so you persistently reap the benefits even after we are not on board any more.

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