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We help you develop your identity online

Our well envisioned digital web services boosts productivity and sales with lower incurred costs and augments the revenue while positioning your organization globally.

UML offers innovative web technologies for both personal and business enterprises, from web creation to design and app development including digital marketing. A well designed website, surely develops faith in consumers for the products and services offered. Thus, we make sure the effect is long lasting. Our design team, not only focuses on providing new, clean & conventional design, but also offers all sorts of web solutions required to operate the same.

How we work

Work Flow

We seamlessly merge the two key components – business and information technology.

Would you ever buy a product from a business whose website has glitches and errors all over the place? Or from a website that takes minutes (read years) to load? Or a website that doesn’t have a secure payment gateway ? Well, we certainly won’t and we know for a fact that no one would. This shows us how important the website of a business is.

Well if you’re facing similar issues for your own website or want a new website you’ve come to the right place. We at UML incorporate angles such as web plan, web distributing, web programming, and database administration. All of this is customized specifically towards your needs to help your business grow. 

We are not your regular web developers. We go one step further to boost efficiency in your web administration service which will not only lower your costs, it’ll result in an increase of revenue. All of this will happen as with a well-outlined site designed by us specifically for your organization will help instill confidence in your buyers and help your business grow organically.

Business Idea

We research your business idea with the current market needs to curate a strategy


Transform your business idea with innovative approach and delivery in the market


Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable decision making and create value.

Web Development Services

We create remarkable web pages which are sensitive and user-friendly, along with search engines that fulfill your business needs. It is highly significant to understand the importance of website, as, a well-formulated website reflects the credibility of a brand to its end user.

UML team provides you with a unique look and feel of the website that ideally suits your company exclusively and accomplishes all market needs as well. To leave the consumers with a satisfactory experience, our websites are sized appropriately for being mobile (screen) friendly.

Our team, works on every aspect of the website separately, be it layout, graphic, and interface design or even website content. The final design outcome is innovative, attractive and suits your brand exceptionally, making it noteworthy among all other corporate competitors.
UML builds innovative, competent, easily accessible solutions which functions in all situations, ranging from simple business suppliers to large cooperative houses. A substantial cost advantage, high-quality, result-oriented, personalized and timely solutions made to suit the real requirements of our global list of customers, is our guarantee.

Our exceptional web design and development services varying from Web Application development, custom software development, E-commerce sites, Customized Web Development Services are thought of separately and customized specially as per specific business needs.

We aim to provide you with the best application that suits your needs. As per your list of goals-to-be achieved, we aim for high quality, result-oriented, customized, and timely solutions ensuring significant cost benefits. We are a team of renowned creative professionals, who have provided best digital services and solutions over the years.
Every organization is special and unique, so we focus on meticulous needs of your enterprises and provide tailored e-commerce solutions to help you transact and meet your customers on a worldwide online platform.

Today’s digital world, necessarily needs brand building to aid the reach-ability of its products and services to a broader consumer network. We help you understand the villain n the story , and generate functional e-commerce solutions to smoothen your online dealings.

At UML, we propose an absolute execution and Strategic groundwork for E-commerce Development, be it Business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C). Our experience in the digitally commercial sector and expertise guides you to cater to your online consumers remarkably effectively and easily. Identifying that each business and its requirements are different, we look into your business specifically and recognize its unique needs. Following the same, we customize E-commerce solutions which assists you to communicate with your end users and reach out to them on a global platform.
Generating SEO content that contributes to the traffic generation of your website is one of our major endeavors. Every website receives the attention of prospective customers for a couple of seconds, but you can engage the client for several years with high-quality content. UML helps you succeed in each and every step by walking hand in hand along with you.

Content is certainly the core of every search that counts online as it adds an unbounded value to your brand. We offer both content and content marketing solutions to achieve any sort of digital goal. Our experienced professionals offer appealing and attention-grabbing content for your website.

High quality content can engage a consumer for a longer time, than a staple few seconds. Our team develops a reader’s comfortable content which is also SEO, therefore, helps in generating traffic to your website. An absolute result oriented endeavors are made to provide you with optimum results.
UML promises an entire coverage under web solutions and digital services as our services do not cease at web solutions development. We believe in delivering quality web solutions, in addition with complete web management and maintenance, thereby keeping your business prospects running high.

Our job does not end, by just creating functional websites and applications, but, continues to manage them and ensuring their best possible performance. We, as a team of webmasters and solution providers for both personal and corporate businesses are always available to support and maintain all types of web services. Hence, holding up your company’s digital presence is as easy as it sounds.

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